Purell Food Service Surface Sanitiser (12x946ml)

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PURELL® Professional Sanitising Surface Disinfectant

PURELL Professional Sanitising Surface Disinfectant is a patented non-irritating, no-rinse formulation, featuring the lowest allowable EPA toxicity rating.

  • RAPID KILL TIME Kills 27 germs in 30 seconds, including Gastro, Salmonella and E. Coli.
  • READY TO USE No dilution/mixing/rinse required.
  • MULTI-SURFACE PERFORMANCE Plastic, Granite, Sealed wood, Porcelain, Laminate, Upholstery, Vinyl, Stainless steel, Glass, Fabrics, Quartz surfaces.
  • FRAGRANCED Has fresh citrus scent.
  • EPA DESIGN FOR ENVIRONMENT (Dfe) CERTIFIED Delivers the fastest surface disinfection time of any Dfe product. Kosher certified SKU Desc